Shoe Lifts Offer Alternative For Scoliosis Pain Relief

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - In observation of National Physical Therapy Month this October, Cesar Lua, a certified pedorthist who owns Novis Shoes, explains the benefits from orthotics to aid scoliosis patients in balancing the body.

Novis Shoes, a leading orthopedic shoe retailer in Pasadena, California, offers shoe lifts and orthotic inserts to help alleviate discomfort that people with scoliosis, a painful disease of the spine, may often experience. "The causes of scoliosis are generally unknown, but the pain and discomfort suffered by those who have been diagnosed is obviously exhausting," says Lua. "Relieving pressure on the spine through the use of shoe insoles that can assist with posture correction could help to reduce aches and pain for scoliosis patients."

Where more serious and acute cases have required orthopedic surgery, milder cases of scoliosis may benefit from physical therapy exercises and the use of braces, shoe lifts and orthotics. The most identifying symptom is the curvature in the spine resulting in visible indicators such as uneven waist, shoulders or hips.

When you suffer from scoliosis, your spine's structure is curved into a "C" or "S" shape with one side compressed and the other stretched, says Lua. As you age, the spine often degenerates faster in the area where the spine has placed more stress on your joints. Damage is greater than average wear and tear on the body. This can result in arthritis of the spine and in more severe cases, strained breathing due to pressure on the lungs.

"Posture can be corrected with something as simple as a foot arch support that includes a lift," says Lua. "Your feet support your body's skeletal system. When you properly balance weight distribution on your feet through the use of orthotic inserts, your spine will naturally adjust over time. Orthopedic footwear has long been used by physicians to correct symptoms in the body ranging from TMJ pain and migraine headaches to skeletal and muscular disorders."

Secondary scoliosis, a result of variations in leg length, frequently is treated by physicians using elevator shoe lifts which can lift the lower hip to an equal level with the higher positioned hip. This assists in balancing the body. Over time, mobility is restored and adaptations in posture may occur in the patient.

Chronic back pain is a common symptom for those diagnosed with scoliosis. Lua recommends talking with your doctor about your pain relief alternatives through the use of orthotic inserts which can provide balance and alignment resulting in reduced pain and pressure.

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